Leonardo Rodrigues de Andrade

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In most ascidian species the oocytes are surrounded by two types of accessory cells called follicle cells and test cells. Test cells are located on the periphery of oocytes and remain in the perivitelline space during egg development until hatching. Heparin and histamine were previously described in the test cells of the ascidian Styela plicata. In the(More)
This paper has identified, for the first time in a member of the Rhodophyta, a vacuolar organelle containing enzymes that are involved in the mevalonate pathway-an important step in red algal isoprenoid biosynthesis. These organelles were named mevalonosomes (Mev) and were found in the cortical cells (CC) of Plocamium brasiliense, a marine macroalgae that(More)
There is controversy over the genotoxic effects of volatile anesthetics. The available literature on the genotoxicity of desflurane, one of the newest volatile halogenated agents used for general anesthesia maintenance, is scarce. This study aimed to evaluate the genotoxic potential of desflurane in 15 patients without comorbidities, of both sexes, who(More)
sHsps are ubiquitous ATP-independent molecular chaperones, which efficiently prevent the unspecific aggregation of non-native proteins. Here, we described the purification of the small heat shock protein Hsp26 from a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain harboring a multicopy plasmid carrying HSP26 gene under the control of its native promoter. A 26 kDa protein(More)
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