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The diagnostic and treatment of verrucous lesions of the larynx involves a high level of suspicion by the physician attending the patient. The causes may go from unspecific laryngitis to neoplasia and granulomatous diseases. This kind of lesion is uncommon and the presentation aspects may vary broadly. The lesions in larynx are significant source of(More)
UNLABELLED Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that involves swallowing disorders. Many studies have shown an association between neurological and swallowing performance, but results have been conflicting. OBJECTIVE To identify the frequency of dysphagia in patients with multiple sclerosis and neurological indicators that can represent the(More)
OBJECTIVE: The present study evaluates the dose distribution received by physicians involved in hemodynamic procedures of coronary angiography and coronariography. The influence of some factors such as pulsed or continuous fluoroscopy mode and vein and/or artery access site was investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Measurements have been performed with(More)
UNLABELLED Several materials have been proposed for nasal reconstruction. There is no consensus on which is the best. The cellulose blanket produced by bacteria may be a possible cartilaginous addition element to the nose. AIM to study tissue reaction to cellulose in the dorsal nose of rabbits. MATERIALS AND METHODS 22 New Zealand rabbits were used. In(More)
UNLABELLED Fibrin sealants or fibrin glue are products made from human plasma proteins, which mimic the final pathway of the coagulation cascade. Its application to stimulate the healing process has been a topic of debate in the literature. The use of fibrin sealants in phonosurgery has been empirical; there have been no studies that investigate the action(More)
INTRODUCTION Some clinical trials revealed a correlation between increased serum estrogen and nasal symptoms or inflammatory changes in nasal mucosa. Estrogen receptors tend to be controlled by a negative feedback, to avoid a deleterious stimulus over several body functions while in hyperestrogenic periods. This study proposes a hypothesis where mechanisms(More)
INTRODUCTION For decades, animals have been used in sinonasal experimental models, and the practice has increased substantially in the last few years. This study aimed to assess the pathogenesis of infectious process and medication efficiency to treat rhinosinusitis. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficiency of the proposed experimental model to induce an(More)
UNLABELLED Exuberant scarring tissue formation is among the failure causes of tracheal stenosis surgery. Dressings that could avoid such reaction could be very helpful in these cases. Bacterial cellulose, produced by acetobacter xylinun can be useful in these cases. There are no studies in the laryngotracheal region. AIM To assess subglottic tissue(More)
Objective: To review studies on sialendoscopy (SE) of the salivary glands in children focusing mainly on the indications, endoscopic findings, and effectiveness of the procedure. Method: The electronic databases searched were Pubmed, Scielo, and Cochrane. The search was conducted by two researchers independently, following inclusion and exclusion(More)