Leonardo Pantoli

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In this study, a two-stage simulation method is presented for the efficient design of frequency dividers using harmonic balance. The first stage uses a modified conversion matrix approach to select the subharmonic loads of the active element enabling the frequency division by a given order <i>N</i>. The second stage makes use of an auxiliary generator to(More)
In this letter, a tunable high-Q active inductor with high dynamic range is presented. The equivalent inductance and resistance values can be tunable in a wide frequency range by changing the compensating network components values; outside the operating frequency band, the equivalent resistance increases, improving signal rejection for band-pass ̄lter(More)
In this paper a wide dynamic range, high-Q, tunable filter realized with a single-transistor active inductor (AI) is presented. A single-transistor amplifier combined with a compensation network allows the control both of the equivalent inductance and of its series resistance in a wide frequency range. The proposed AI has been used in the design of a(More)
In this paper the design of high-Q active inductor (AI) with high dynamic range is addressed. The proposed AI includes a passive variable phase- and amplitude-compensating network and a highly linear inverting amplifier, forming a gyrator-C architecture. The equivalent inductance and resistance values are tunable in a wide frequency range; outside the(More)
This paper describes a method for the detection of instabilities and their stabilisation under large-signal regime in multi-device paralleled power amplifiers. The symmetry of the amplifier is exploited for a simple and effective characterisation of odd- and even-order modes, and their reduction to equivalent single-transistor amplifiers. The nonlinear(More)
In this paper, we present a low-voltage tunable active ̄lter for microwave applications. The proposed ̄lter is based on a single-transistor active inductor (AI), that allows the reduction of circuit area and power consumption. The three active-cell bandpass ̄lter has a 1950MHz center frequency with a 1 dB °at bandwidth of 10MHz (Q 200), a shape factor (30–3(More)
This paper describes a method for the stability analysis and stabilization criteria in multi-device paralleled power amplifiers (PA) under large-signal operating conditions. The symmetry of the amplifier is exploited for a simple and effective study of odd- and even-order modes. The overall stability analysis is transformed into a sequence of analyses on(More)
In this paper a method for the control of the stability of power amplifiers is extended to oscillators under large-signal conditions. It is based on the conversion matrix of the oscillator, computed from a harmonic balance simulation. This allows the suppression of possible spurious frequencies or the intentional generation of spurious signals (e.g. at(More)
The paper deals on the design of a Ku-Band monolithic voltage-controlled oscillator for PLL frequency synthesizer in modern space communication systems. The VCO, realized in push-push configuration, includes an innovative linearization circuit able to provide enhanced linearity and sensitivity characteristics, and an output buffer for better isolation and(More)
In this work a novel class AB tunable active filter with high linearity and high dynamic range is presented. It is based on a tunable active inductor (TAI) in class AB configuration with a very high quality factor and minimum power consumption. The class-AB operation is essential in many modern wireless applications and miniaturized systems and only few(More)