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INTRODUCTION This review defines the recognized risk factors responsible for the development of knee osteoarthritis after surgical management of meniscal tears. SOURCES OF DATA We performed a literature search using Medline, Ovid, Cochrane and Google Scholar using the keywords: 'Meniscal tears', 'meniscectomy', 'osteoarthritis', 'complications' and 'risk(More)
INTRODUCTION The optimal management for combined anterior cruciate ligament-medial collateral ligament (ACL-MCL) injuries is controversial. SOURCES OF DATA We performed a literature search using Medline, Cochrane and Google Scholar using the keywords: 'ACL' and 'MCL' in combination with 'surgery treatment', 'conservative treatment', 'surgery management',(More)
We measured the initial fixation strength of a new graft, bone-hamstring-bone (BHB), for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in 79 porcine knees and compared it with that of the normal porcine ACL and of the bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPB) graft. All specimens were subjected to ultimate load to failure and cyclic loading tests to assess(More)
Fifty-five ankle arthroscopies performed for anterolateral ankle impingement between January 1987 and April 1992 were reviewed for functional outcome and patient satisfaction. There were 33 men and 22 women with an average age of 34 years (range 20-67). All patients reported a previous history of ankle injury, and 60% of the patients had at least one ankle(More)
Stress radiographs have been used for several years to detect the amount of varus/valgus knee laxity and to evaluate the degree of compartmental involvement in degenerative osteoarthritis. However, the popularity of these radiographic methods has been affected by their technical limits due to the x-ray exposure for the personnel involved and the variability(More)
Although no consensus has been reached regarding the management of PCL deficiency, in vitro and in vivo studies have investigated whether the tibial inlay technique restores the anatomical site of insertion of the PCL, prevents elongation, stretching, graft failure, and improves long-term PCL stability. A systematic search using PubMed, Ovid, the Cochrane(More)
Ganglion cysts on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) should be suspected in any patient having pain and clicking sensation during terminal knee extension. Previous investigators have reported incidental findings of ganglion cysts on the ACL. However, we report a symptomatic case of a ganglion cyst on the ACL that was treated successfully with arthroscopic(More)
Arthroscopic partial lateral meniscectomies performed for isolated meniscal tears, without associated ligamentous injury, in 41 athletes between August 1, 1988 and June 1, 1991 were reviewed for clinical and functional outcome. The study population was composed of 27 males and 14 females, with an average age of 26 years (range 17-40). Thirty-seven patients(More)
SUMMARY Avulsion fractures of the tibial eminence have been well described in children and adults with an increased in incidence resulting from road traffic and athletic accidents. According to the literature, only surgical treatment is advocated because of the high incidence of the nonunion and instability following conservative treatment. Open reduction(More)
PURPOSE Microfractures at the footprint may be a potential additional source of growth factor and enhance the tendon healing at the bone-tendon junction when repairing rotator cuff tears. METHODS Fifty-seven patients who underwent shoulder arthroscopy for repair of complete rotator cuff tears were randomly divided into two groups, using a block(More)