Leonardo Nomdedeu

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Purpose The GUARDIANS multi-robot team is to be deployed in a large warehouse in smoke. The team is to assist firefighters search the warehouse in the event or danger of a fire. The large dimensions of the environment together with development of smoke which drastically reduces visibility, represent major challenges for search and rescue operations. The(More)
Mobile robots are nowadays capable of navigating in a semi-structured environment, either alone or in formations. Dealing with mobile obstacles, e.g. persons, in everyday environments poses additional challenges which are being addressed by the research community. This paper presents an experiment with a set of robots -acting as a swarm- and one person. The(More)
This paper describes how the use of panoramic cameras can dramatically simplify safety issues for a robot arm moving in close proximity to human beings, since they can simultaneously observe a 360deg field of view. We present in this context an approach to visual servoing in which both the manipulator as well as any other moving object are tracked.(More)
A practical solution based on multi-agent protocols for the development of real-world multi-robot applications is presented. FIPA standard protocols implemented by the JADE library provide the standard functionality for a number of tasks. Robot behaviors are built upon the player middleware. Such components provide off-the-shelf tools which allow a(More)
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