Leonardo Minelli

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Our objective was to use Adept Registry for clinical evaluation (ARIEL) to monitor ease of use, acceptability and safety of icodextrin 4% solution during routine gynaecological surgery. Surgeons from six European countries were asked to complete anonymised data collection forms for patients undergoing gynaecological laparoscopy or laparotomy procedures with(More)
Skin metastases from internal malignancies are rare, particularly those originating from carcinoma of the cervix: only 11 cases have been reported in the medical literature since 1940. We describe the case of a cutaneous metastases from a squamous-cell carcinoma of the cervix that was solitary, unusual for its location, and with the longest survival(More)
The gradual increase of cancer cases worldwide has been posing a need on the use of computing resources to accurately retrieve the information recorded in databases. One can highlight the retrieved information importance from a specialist in order to better evaluate pathological response and predict the cancer patient prognosis. This paper presents a way to(More)
Our first laparoscopic hysterectomy is reported. Our report includes the following surgical actions: coagulation and dissection of the round ligament: opening of the front-large ligament; hydrodissection of the connective tissue between the two peritoneal pellicles of the large ligament; coagulation and dissection of the salpinx for tissues and(More)
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