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Hardware implementation of type-2 programmable fuzzifier
The design of full programmable type-2 membership function circuit is presented in this paper. Expand
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Design of CMOS current-mode multiplier-divider circuit for type-2 FLC applications
The design of a low voltage current-mode CMOS multiplier/divider circuit is presented in this paper. Expand
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Education for energy efficiency through an educational game
This paper presents an assessment of an educational game for teaching the efficient use of electricity. Expand
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Simulation of Active Control Using Fuzzy Logic Applied to a Pulse Combustor
This work analyzes an active fuzzy logic control system in a Rijke type pulse combustor. During the system development, a study of the existing types of control for pulse combustion was carried outExpand
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Design of an analog defuzzifier in CMOS technology
The use of intelligent controllers applied to industrial systems has been getting usual, not only in the process control as in the literature. The most utilized control methodology, within theExpand
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This paper proposes an architecture for analog implementation of a type-2 Fuzzy Inference Circuit, which is the main block of the Interval Type-2Fuzzy Logic Controller (IT2FLC) chip. Expand
Uma Nova Arquitetura Modular para Circuitos Geradores de Função de Pertinência com uso em Projeto de Microprocessador Difuso
In this paper a ne w topology to membership function circuits is proposed. This architecture is all modulated, thus, it is possible to generate m mbership functions in triangular or trapezoidalExpand
Lógica Difusa Aplicada ao Controle Ativo de um Combustor do Tipo Tubo de Rijke
The present work describes th e study and the development of a control system using fuzzy logic for active control of a Rijke tube type pulse combustor installed at National Institute of SpaceExpand