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Processes undergoing quantum mechanics exhibit quantum interference effects. In this case, quantum probabilities result to be different from classical ones because they contain an additional so called quantum interference term. We use ambiguous figures to analyse if during perception-cognition by human subjects we can observe violation of the classical(More)
The focus of this report is that first of all we wanted to study in great depth the neurological GSR correlates with the aim, from one hand, to clarify the neurological patterns engaged during recording, monitoring and subsequent analysis of GSR, and, from the other hand, to delineate the methodological profile that absolutely must be followed during the(More)
In recent years there have been, in clinical practice an increased influx of services dedicated to eating disorders (DCA). This article provides An examination of some epidemiological aspects aimed at assessing a possible increase in the incidence and prevalence of these syndromes, toghether with an analysis of the mortality and comorbidities of DCA. The(More)
We perform an analysis of brain-neuromuscular synchronization and coupling strength in muscular dystrophy before and after NPT treatment. In order to estimate with accuracy the level of brain synchronization, we introduce and use the method of the cross GMI that was elaborated by Pompe. The finality is to account for the nonlinear chaotic dynamic(More)
This is a study on autonomic neuroscience. In a previous paper in [1], we studied a subject affected from facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy before and after Ken Ware treatment (NPT). Using the non linear methodology of the Generalized Mutual Information (GMI) analysis of Sensory Motor Rhythm, we produced detailed results evidencing that the mentioned(More)
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