Leonardo Lanari

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Abstrnct--A robot trajectory planning problem is considered. Using smooth interpolating cubic splines as joint space trajectories, the path is parameterized in terms of time intervals between knots. A minimum time optimization problem is formulated under maximum torque and velocity constraints, and is solved by means of a first order derivative-type(More)
The recently introduced concept of system abstraction appears to be a promising tool for control purposes in a hierarchical framework. While propagation of system's properties has been extensively studied, little investigation has been carried out on how a high-level control law is implemented on the low-level original system. In this paper we address this(More)
In this paper we propose a method to perform manual guidance with humanoid robots. Manual guidance is a general model of physical interaction: here we focus on guiding a humanoid by its hands. The proposed technique can be, however, used also for joint object transportation and other tasks implying human-humanoid physical interaction. Using a measure of the(More)
In this work is considered the problem of rest-to-rest motion in a desired pre-fixed time for planar flexible manipulators. We introduce a simple idea permitting the minimization of end-effector residual vibration when reaching a desired angular equilibrium position, in a pre-fixed desired travelling time. The results hold without considering internal(More)