Leonardo Guerreiro Azevedo

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Various approaches for services development in SOA propose business processes as a starting point. However, there is a lack of systematic methods for services identification during business analysis. We believe that there has to exist a integrated view of organizational business processes to promote an effective SOA approach, which will improve IS(More)
Companies increasingly use business process modeling for documenting and redesigning their operations. However, due to the size of such modeling initiatives, they often struggle with the quality assurance of their model collections. While many model properties can already be checked automatically, there is a notable gap of techniques for checking linguistic(More)
It is widely accepted that presenting data in the form of pictures or models can enhance comprehension, decision making and communication of the underlying information. However, there are few systematic studies that examine whether graphical models are more effective than other representation (such as textual descriptions). Process models provide an(More)
Traditional query processing provides exact answers to queries. However, in many applications, the response time of exact answers is often longer than what is acceptable. Approximate query processing has emerged as an alternative approach to give to the user an answer in a short time. The goal is to provide an estimated result in one order of magnitude less(More)
Efficient evaluation of spatial queries is an important issue in spatial database. Among spatial operations, spatial join is very useful, intersection being the most common predicate. However, the exact intersection test of two spatial objects is the most time-consuming and I/O-consuming step in processing spatial joins. On the other hand, the use of(More)
The main subject of spatial joins is polygons and polylines. Typical polygons and polylines can occupy several Kbytes. Since approximations use much less space, the processing of spatial joins can be greatly improved by the use of filters that reduce the need for examining the exact geometry of spatial objects in order to find the intersecting ones.(More)
Nowadays, the database characteristics, such as the huge volume of data, the complexity of the queries, and even the data availability, can demand minutes or hours to process a query. On the other hand, in many cases it may be enough to the user to get a fast approximate answer, since it has the desired precision. The challenge to give to the user an exact(More)