Leonardo Enrico Schimmelpfeng

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Discharged zoospores of Blastocladiella emersonii contain poly(A)-containing RNA, which is performed during the initial stages of zoospore differentiation in the sporangium and is stable in vivo for at least 4 h. The average molecular weight of this RNA fraction is estimation to be 5.5-10(5) or 1600 nucleotides. The average length of the poly(A) sequence is(More)
Mycoplasmal infections still cause severe problems in cell cultures, particularly permanent lines, and although rapid detection is possible the only methods proposed for the elimination of the mycoplasma are either laborious or unsatisfactory. Treatment with antibiotics often leads to the development of resistance and we have found it more successful to(More)
Isolated peritoneal mouse macrophages pretreated with the mitogenic enzyme combination neuraminidase (EC plus galactose oxidase (EC (NAGO), or with NaIO4, stimulate macrophage-depleted lymphocytes mitogenically by a macrophage-derived signal, different from the originally used mitogen. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) treatment of the cultures,(More)
The sequence of events in mitogenic T-lymphocyte activation was investigated by employing purified mouse peritoneal adherent cells and T-lymphocyte populations. After treatment of adherent cells with the oxidizing agents sodium periodate or neuroaminidase plus galactose oxidase and removal of the mitogens, the cells acquired the ability to stimulate(More)
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