Leonardo Corbalán

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Unstructured Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks as Gnutella are dynamic, distributed systems without any centralizing point favoring failure tolerance and strength. However, resource search in these systems is an important problem. Gnutella´s breadth-first search algorithm is flooding-based and generates a large amount of traffic thus making scalability difficult.(More)
The detection of regions and objects in digital images is a topic of utmost importance for solving several problems related to the area of pattern recognition. In this direction, skeletonization algorithms are a widely used tool since they allow us to reduce the quantity of available data, easing the detection of characteristics for their recognition and(More)
Incremental evolution has proved to be an extremely useful mechanism in complex actions sequence learning. Its performance is based on the decomposition of the original problem into increasingly complex stages whose learning is carried out sequentially, starting from the simplest stage and thus increasing its generality and difficulty. The present work(More)
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