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A Neural Network for Factoid Question Answering over Paragraphs
We introduce a recursive neural network (rnn) model that can reason over such input by modeling textual compositionality. Expand
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The University of Maryland CLPsych 2015 Shared Task System
The 2015 ACL Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology included a shared task focusing on classification of a sample of Twitter users according to three mental health categories: users who have self-reported a diagnosis of depression. Expand
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Sensorimotor Oscillatory Phase-Power Interaction Gates Resting Human Corticospinal Output.
Oscillatory activity within sensorimotor networks is characterized by time-varying changes in phase and power. The influence of interactions between sensorimotor oscillatory phase and power on humanExpand
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Studying human behavior from infancy: On the acquisition of infant postural data
The study of human behavior using infants as target subjects is very attractive since these individuals are minimally affected by cultural background and display the fastest rates of evolving cognition and physique, opening possibilities to longitudinal but relatively short-term research. Expand
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Spatial and spatio-temporal characterization of movement for the analysis of actions and actors
Movement data is high-dimensional but often redundant, meaning there is certainly a lower dimensional subspace that spans most of the body configurations within an action performance. We propose thatExpand
Platform Session – NIBS: An open-loop TMS study evaluating the impact of mu and beta oscillations on motor-evoked potential amplitudes
Introduction Neuronal networks exhibit oscillatory activity at various frequencies, which are thought to coordinate local neuronal processing and cortico-cortical communication through alternatingExpand
The SB-ST decomposition in the study of Developmental Coordination Disorder
To deal with redundancy and high-dimensionality that are typical of movement data, we propose to decompose action matrices in two decoupled steps: first, we discover a set of key postures, that is, vectors corresponding to key relationships among degrees of freedom (like angles between body parts) which we call spatial basis (SB) and second, we impose a parametric model to the spatio-temporal (ST) profiles of each SB vector. Expand
Offline coil position denoising enhances detection of TMS effects
OBJECTIVE Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is extensively used in basic and clinical neuroscience. Previous work has shown substantial residual variability in TMS effects even despite use ofExpand
2 Matching Text to Entities : Quiz Bowl
Text classification methods for tasks like factoid question answering typically use manually defined string matching rules or bag of words representations. These methods are ineffective when questionExpand