Leonardo Civale

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We present the fabrication and test results of Hot-Isostatic-Pressed (HIPed) Powder-in-Tube (PIT) MgB 2 coils. The coils properties were measured by transport and magnetization at different applied fields (H) and temperatures (T). The engineering critical current (J e) value is the largest reported in PIT MgB 2 wires or tapes. At 25 K our champion 6-layer(More)
Bulk niobium Superconducting Radio-Frequency cavities are a leading accelerator technology. Their performance is limited by the cavity loss and maximum acceleration gradient, which are negatively affected by vortex penetration into the superconductor when the peak magnetic field at the cavity wall surface exceeds the vortex penetration field (Hvp). It has(More)
We show a simple and effective way to improve the vortex irreversibility line up to very high magnetic fields (60T) by increasing the density of second phase BaZrO3 nanoparticles. (Y0.77,Gd0.23)Ba2Cu3Oy films were grown on metal substrates with different concentration of BaZrO3 nanoparticles by the metal organic deposition method. We find that upon increase(More)
Many second phase additions to YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7−x (YBCO) films, in particular those that self-assemble into aligned nanorod and nanoparticle structures, enhance performance in self and applied fields. Of particular interest for additions are Ba-containing perovskites that are compatible with YBCO. In this report, we discuss the addition of Ba 2 YRuO 6 to bulk(More)
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