Leonardo Cangelmi

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algorithm to construct all the representations of any even σ as a product of an n-cycle by a (n − 2)-cycle. We adopt the following notations and definitions. We always assume n ≥ 3. Then we let [n] = {1, 2, . . . , n}, Sn be the the group of all the permutations on [n], Cm be the conjugacy class of all the m-cycles in Sn ; for any subset X of [n], we let(More)
Algebraic hypermaps combinatorially describe topological hypermaps, that is, embeddings of hypergraphs on compact orientable surfaces. It turns out that algebraic hypermaps enjoy several properties of Riemann surfaces. For instance, each algebraic hypermap has its genus, and the analogue of Riemann–Hurwitz formula for Riemann surfaces was proved to hold for(More)
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