Leonardo C. T. Bezerra

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Many studies in the literature have applied multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) to multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems. Few of them analyze the actual contribution of the basic algorithmic components of MOEAs. These components include the underlying EA structure, the fitness and diversity operators, and their policy for(More)
Multi-objective ant colony optimization (MOACO) algorithms have shown promising results for various multi-objective problems , but they also offer a large number of possible design choices. Often, exploring all possible configurations is practically infeasible. Recently, the automatic configuration of a MOACO framework was explored and was shown to result(More)
The Multi-objective Shortest Path Problem (MSP) is a widely studied NP-Hard problem. A few exact algorithms were already proposed to solve this problem, however none is able to solve large instances with three or more objectives. Recently, some metaheuristics have been proposed for the MSP, but little can be said about their efficiency regarding each other,(More)
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