Leonardo C. Ribeiro

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The Espinhaço Range, in eastern Brazil, has a peculiar landscape that has influenced the vegetation pattern of the region because of its valleys, canyons, ranges and disjunct rock outcrops found at high elevations. In this region, the vegetation type known as campos rupestres (rupestrian fields), which occurs in the disjunct outcrops, has high levels of(More)
Classical approaches to compute the genomic distance are usually limited to genomes with the same content, without duplicated markers. However, differences in the gene content are frequently observed and can reflect important evolutionary aspects. A few polynomial time algorithms that include genome rearrangements, insertions and deletions (or(More)
The distance between two genomes is often computed by comparing only the common markers between them. Some approaches are also able to deal with non-common markers, allowing the insertion or the deletion of such markers. In these models, a deletion and a subsequent insertion that occur at the same position of the genome count for two sorting steps. Here we(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The genus Leiothrix (Eriocaulaceae) is restricted to South America and contains 37 taxa. The genus is most species-rich in the mountains of Minas Gerais, where 25 species occur, 19 of them in the Serra do Cipó. Leiothrix taxa that inhabit different microhabitats exhibit a number of reproductive modes. Rhizomatous taxa produce seeds(More)
Software validation is a critical issue in several applications. For medical instruments, an ineffective validation may result in human injuries and death. We consider the problem of analyzing software embedded in these medical instruments, correlating with other instruments of the Legal Metrology and Conformity Assessment, such as smart meters or employee(More)
This paper presents an equipment for predictive maintenance in large hydrogenerators. This equipment uses techniques of digital signal processing of the information contained in the electrical variables involved in the operation of the generator. Basically, the current and voltage signals of the generator are monitored and applied the techniques of electric(More)
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