Leonardo Bruni

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We propose a class of computationally efficient algorithms for conflict resolution in the presence of modeling and measurement uncertainties. Specifically, we address a scenario where a number of agents, whose dynamics are possibly nonlinear, must cross an intersection avoiding collisions. We obtain an exact solution and an approximate one with quantified(More)
We have designed a new semantic network for the English language annotated with two types of domain knowledge: 1) general domain knowledge, represented as a sentiment polarity attached to relationships between words and 2) contextual knowledge, such as domain-specific proper names. In the context of social networks, such as Twitter, the evolution and(More)
Context-aware systems represent extremely complex and heterogeneous systems. The need for middleware to bind components together is well recognized and many attempts to build middleware for context-aware system have been made. One of the goal of this paper is to provide a general introduction about the evolution of the middlewares and than to proceed with(More)
The paper provides empirical evidence supporting the assumption that content plays a critical role in determining the virality, i.e., the influence, of social media information. The analysis focuses on multimedia content on Twitter and explores the idea that links to multimedia information increase the virality of posts. In particular, we put forward the(More)
This paper provides evidence on the impact of events on the Web reputation of a city. The marketing and tourism literature indicates that events represent an important lever to strengthen the brand of travel destinations. However, the impact of events on the Web reputation of a city is largely unexplored. This paper takes a first step in this direction by(More)
Peer-to-peer systems are overlay networks used to distribute content to large sets of users by relying on computing and network resources directly provided by users that are receiving content. The current implementations of such systems are not specifically designed for considering the underlying internet topology or ISP link costs, resulting in a large(More)
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