Leonardo Barcelos de Paula

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This research evaluated the effect of multiple-wave lasertherapy on the healing process of surgical wounds based on in vitro models denominated stem-dermal equivalents. These human skin models were obtained from a co-culture of dermal cells and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. The experimental tests were carried out using a LED portable to multiple waves(More)
Nanotechnology development provides new strategies to treat cancer by integration of different treatment modalities in a single multifunctional nanoparticle. In this scenario, we applied the multifunctional Pluronic P123/F127 mixed micelles for Verteporfin-mediated photodynamic therapy in PC3 and MCF-7 cancer cells. Micelles functionalization aimed the(More)
DNA polymeric films (DNA-PFs) are a promising drug delivery system (DDS) in modern medicine. In this study, we evaluated the growth behavior of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cells on DNA-PFs. The morphological, biochemical, and cytometric features of OSCC cell adhesion on DNA-PFs were also assessed. An initial, temporary alteration in cell morphology(More)
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