Leonardo Abdala Elias

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Motoneuron (MN) dendrites may be changed from a passive to an active state by increasing the levels of spinal cord neuromodulators, which activate persistent inward currents (PICs). These exert a powerful influence on MN behavior and modify the motor control both in normal and pathological conditions. Motoneuronal PICs are believed to induce nonlinear(More)
Cases of adult-onset idiopathic motor neuron disease (MND) identified from January 1970 through December 1986 were studied in a defined area of California. The patients were followed prospectively throughout the illness in 99% of cases. Among 708 cases aged 25-74 years at onset, the most common type (86%) was typical, sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(More)
Several models have been employed to study human postural control during upright quiet stance. Most have adopted an inverted pendulum approximation to the standing human and theoretical models to account for the neural feedback necessary to keep balance. The present study adds to the previous efforts in focusing more closely on modelling the physiological(More)
This study focuses on neuromuscular mechanisms behind ankle torque and EMG variability during a maintained isometric plantar flexion contraction. Experimentally obtained torque standard deviation (SD) and soleus, medial gastrocnemius, and lateral gastrocnemius EMG envelope mean and SD increased with mean torque for a wide range of torque levels. Computer(More)
Mechanically evoked reflexes have been postulated to be less sensitive to presynaptic inhibition (PSI) than the H-reflex. This has implications on investigations of spinal cord neurophysiology that are based on the T-reflex. Preceding studies have shown an enhanced effect of PSI on the H-reflex when a train of ~10 conditioning stimuli at 1 Hz was applied to(More)
Presynaptic inhibition (PSI) has been shown to modulate several neuronal pathways of functional relevance by selectively gating the connections between sensory inputs and spinal motoneurons, thereby regulating the contribution of the stretch reflex circuitry to the ongoing motor activity. In this study, we investigated whether a differential regulation of(More)
Introduction: The learning of core concepts in neuroscience can be reinforced by a hands-on approach, either experimental or computer-based. In this work, we present a web-based multi-scale neuromuscular simulator that is being used as a teaching aid in a campus-wide course on the Principles of Neuroscience. Methods: The simulator has several built-in(More)
This paper reports on the first randomized evaluation of the impact of introducing the standard microcredit group-based lending product in a new market. In 2005, half of 104 slums in Hyderabad, India were randomly selected for opening of a branch of a particular microfinance institution (Span-dana) while the remainder were not, although other MFIs were free(More)