Leonardo A. B. Torres

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—In this paper, the performance assessment of three software single-phase phase-locked loop (PLL) algorithms is carried out by means of dynamic analysis and experimental results. Several line disturbances such as phase-angle jump, voltage sag, frequency step, and harmonics are generated by a DSP together with a D/A converter and applied to each PLL. The(More)
The issue of whether multiple, ipsilateral or bilateral, breast carcinomas represent multiple primary tumours or dissemination of a single carcinomatous process has been difficult to resolve, especially for individual patients. We have addressed the problem by comparative genomic hybridisation analysis of 26 tumours from 12 breast cancer patients with(More)
—We consider the problem of synchronizing a group of N identical oscillators, coupled by a symmetric network that is modelled by a multiple-input/multiple-output dynamical system. We provide results that can be used to establish asymptotic synchronization of a given system and also to construct identical feedback oscillators for which synchronization is(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a phase 1 trial in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer by injecting 0.5 ml of the CK2-antagonist CIGB-300 in two different sites on tumours to assess tumour uptake, safety, pharmacodynamic activity and identify the recommended dose. METHODS Fourteen patients were treated with intralesional injections containing 35 or 70(More)
Nonlinear control techniques by means of a software sensor that are commonly used in chemical engineering could be also applied to genetic regulation processes. We provide here a realistic formulation of this procedure by introducing an additive white Gaussian noise, which is usually found in experimental data. Besides, we include model errors, meaning that(More)
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