Leonard Newnham

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In this paper, we explore applications in which a company interacts concurrently with many customers. The company has an objective function, such as maximising revenue, customer satisfaction, or customer loyalty, which depends primarily on the sequence of interactions between company and customer. A key aspect of this setting is that interactions with(More)
This paper reviews the application of distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) techniques in the construction industry. DAI is concerned with understanding and modelling action and knowledge in collaborative and geographically distributed enterprises. The metaphor of a functionally distributed organisation immediately makes DAI techniques suitable for(More)
ARROW (Newnham et al. 1997 and 1998) is a UK initiative that can provide access to any construction manufacturer’s product information through virtual warehouses. This enables designers and specifiers to correctly identify products that match the parameters of their particular design. These warehouses rely on a system of indexing the manufacturer’s product(More)
This paper describes the DOE supported ARROW (Advanced Reusable and Robust Objects Warehouse) project, the services it will provide, the research issues it is addressing and how it fits into the whole UK construction Industry Knowledge Base (IKB) system. The ARROW project will require the development of new techniques for selection and retrieval of data(More)
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