Leonard L. Seelig

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The glycoprotein, avidin, conjugated either to the enzyme horseradish peroxidase, or to the fluorochrome dyes, fluorescein or rhodamine, identifies the granules of mast cells in both tissues and cell suspensions. In the absence of prior fixation, mast cells were not identified with conjugated avidin; however, granules released from these cells were stained(More)
BACKGROUND The amount of time devoted to musculoskeletal medicine in the typical undergraduate curriculum is disproportionately low compared with the frequency of musculoskeletal complaints that occur in a general practice. Consequently, whether because of the quantity or quality of the education, the competence level of graduating physicians regarding(More)
A previously uncharacterized population of class II antigen-bearing dendritic cells that are intimately associated with the dermal microvasculature was identified in normal human skin using a double-label, indirect immunofluorescence technique. The only other major HLA-DR positive dermal cell type noted in these studies, the dermal microvascular endothelial(More)
We encountered variation in the formation of the median nerve in a 66-year-old male cadaver during dissection of the upper extremity of 20 adult cadavers. The dissections were made at the Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy, Louisiana State University Medical Center. The median nerve was formed by fusion of four branches, three of them coming from(More)
Alcohol consumption has been shown to be associated with immune suppression and immune modulation. In this study, the effects of ethanol ingestion on the host immune responses to Trichinella spiralis infection and the subsequent secretion of T-helper cell-associated cytokines were investigated in rats. At the early phase of T. spiralis infection,(More)
Rat adrenomedullary tissue was fixed in 3% glutaraldehyde in a variety of buffers at different osmolarities. Incubations were performed in potassium dichromate (DC) at pH 4.1 to identify norepinephrine (NE) specifically and in osmium tetroxide to enhance contrast and to define membrane structures. Different buffer systems were also used for the DC and the(More)
Previous in vitro experiments suggest that protonated 2,4,6-triaminopyrimidine (TAP+) inhibits passive Na+ movement across tight junctions of various epithelial tissues. So far no evidence has been found that TAP+ interferes with other mucosal transport processes. Because blockage of the tight junctions would be a promising tool in studying intestinal(More)
Intestinal secretion and intercullular space dilatation can be induced in animal models by acute elevation of intravascular volume or portal pressure. We examined whether patients with increased portal venous pressure might represent a clinical counterpart to these animal models. Portal venous pressure, determined by hepatic wedge pressure measurement, was(More)