Leonard J. Galante

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Biotechnology and pharmaceutical research have created a number of new and potentially life-saving drugs. Many of these drugs are formulated as injectable products. Some drug products do not survive autoclaving or other means of terminal sterilization. An aseptic filling process is typically used to sterilize such products, but it is less reliable than(More)
A rapid, selective and sensitive assay has been developed for the determination of the anti-anginal drug, bepridil, in biological samples. The lowest concentration of bepridil which can be measured accurately and precisely in a 2-ml plasma or urine sample is 10 ng/ml. The standard curve is linear in the concentration range 10-2000 ng/ml. Accuracy and(More)
19 ABSTRACT (Continue on reverse if necessary and identify by block number) capillary supercritical fluid chromatograph was coupled to a surface-wave-sustained microwave-induced plasma (MIP) sustained with a surfatron. The chromatographic system, interface, and plasma source are described. The plasma was optimized for sulfur emission at 921.3 nm and used to(More)
The stability of ranitidine at low concentration (0.05 mg/mL) in five intravenous infusion solutions (0.9% sodium chloride, 5% dextrose, 10% dextrose, 5% dextrose with 0.45% sodium chloride, and 5% dextrose with lactated Ringer's injections) was studied. Admixtures were stored for seven days at room temperature in 150-mL and 1-L polyvinyl chloride infusion(More)
The stability of ranitidine in concentrations of 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 mg/mL in admixtures with commonly used i.v. fluids was studied. The admixture vehicles were 0.9% sodium chloride, 5% dextrose, 10% dextrose, 5% dextrose and 0.45% sodium chloride, and 5% dextrose with lactated Ringer's (DLR) injections in polyvinyl chloride bags. Three bags were prepared for(More)
Aseptic-filling processes are often used with fragile parenteral products that might be destroyed by terminal autoclaving. However, aseptic filling is not as effective as autoclaving in reducing contamination. As a result, time-consuming microbiological methods and turbidimetry are employed currently as product inspection techniques, but these processes can(More)
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