Leonard J. Bruce-Chwatt

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The North Korean strain of Plasmodium vivax was characterized by its extraordinarily prolonged incubation period in certain circumstances. It was clearly demonstrated by quantitative observations that the phenomenon may be elicited by the inoculation of small numbers of sporozoites. After the intradermal inoculation of 10 or 100 sporozoites, the incubation(More)
The global program of malaria eradication coordinated and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1957 has been successful in most of the countries in the temperate climate zones of the globe. However, by the end of the 1960s it became evident that technical problems, such as resistance of mosquito vectors to insecticides and resistance of(More)
Over the past decade the United Kingdom had the second highest number of cases of imported malaria among European countries. There has been a substantial rise in recorded cases of malaria during the past three years though some of it may be due to improved notification. Fatal cases of malaria in visitors to Africa have averaged 6.5% of reported infections(More)