Leonard Edward Swischuk

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The authors reviewed the ultrasonographic (US) images and medical records of 145 consecutive infants who were seen for evaluation of the upper gastrointestinal tract because of chronic vomiting and/or regurgitation. At US, the antropyloric muscle of each patient was measured in the midlongitudinal plane. On the basis of this measurement, the patients were(More)
BACKGROUND Sigmoid volvulus is an exceptionally rare and potentially life-threatening condition in the pediatric age group. STUDY DESIGN We report our experience with three children treated for sigmoid volvulus and review the cases reported in the medical literature since 1940. RESULTS Since 1940, 63 cases of sigmoid volvulus in children (including this(More)
The clavicle is an unusual long bone with many unique embryologic features. It is often involved in congenital and acquired disorders. Traumatic, inflammatory, neoplastic, metabolic and many other miscellaneous lesions may also affect the bone. Because of its ligamentous attachments and the presence of articulations at both ends, the clavicle can also be(More)
The aim of the study was to present our cases of calcific discitis, analyze the imaging findings, and review the literature in an attempt to formulate a possible etiology. We reviewed the imaging and clinical findings in nine patients with calcific discitis and accomplished a literature review of the condition. There were nine patients, five males and four(More)
Three cases of unilateral pulmonary vein atresia in children are described. The findings in all three cases were similar and consisted of hemoptysis, recurrent pulmonary infections, and a normal size or small lung with reticular markings. In combination, these findings should allow one to strongly suspect the diagnosis which then can be confirmed with(More)
Fracture of the tibia is a well-known, often occult cause of limping and leg pain in young children. This fracture is typically a hairline, oblique fracture of the shaft of the tibia, and in some cases the fracture can be so subtle that bone scintigraphy or follow-up radiography may be required for its detection. In addition, a variety of other fractures(More)
Clinical symptoms in mycoplasma infection are nonspecific. Pulmonary involvement may be widespread or focal and segmental and is accompanied by signs including rales, rhonchi, and decreased breath sounds. Although manifestations of mycoplasma infection are usually confined to the respiratory tract, a wide variety of extrarespiratory manifestations can also(More)
Ultrasonography has been shown to be valuable in the detection of intussusception [9–13], but a question arises, as to just when this study should be performed. Should it be a general screening procedure or should it be utilized for specific cases only? Upon reviewing the literature, and the findings in 14 of our patients, we feel that it should be utilized(More)
This study was conducted to determine whether one could identify viral and bacterial pulmonary infections with confidence. It has been our impression for some time that one could differentiate viral from bacterial pulmonary infections on the basis of roentgenographic findings alone and to test this hypothesis, we conducted this study where the(More)