Leonard Charest

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to elucidate the planet's past climate, water activity, and habitability. Science is MER's primary driver, so making best use of the scientific instruments, within the available resources, is a crucial aspect of the mission. To address this critical-ity, the MER project team selected MAPGEN (Mixed Initiative Activity Plan Generator) as an activity-planning(More)
This document describes the Mixed-initiative Activity Plan Generation system MAPGEN. The system is being developed as one of the tools to be used during surface operations of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission (MER). However, the core technology is general and can be adapted to different missions and applications. The motivation for the system is to(More)
This document describes the Mixed Initiative Activity Plan Generation system MAPGEN. This system is one of the critical tools in the Mars Exploration Rover mission surface operations, where it is used to build activity plans for each of the rovers, each Martian day. The MAPGEN system combines an existing tool for activity plan editing and resource modeling,(More)
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