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Citizens without Shelter: Homelessness, Democracy, and Political Exclusion
One of the most troubling aspects of the politics of homelessness, Leonard C. Feldman contends, is the reduction of the homeless to what Hannah Arendt calls "the abstract nakedness of humanity" andExpand
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Redistribution, Recognition, and the State
Recent work in political theory has examined progressive politicalmovements in terms of the claimsmade by thesemovements for redistribution and recognition. Rather than accepting a simplisticExpand
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Defining Relationships
Defining a relationship can involve drawing its precise boundaries, or recognizing, rejecting, or creating it in the first place. To define a relationship can also mean to establish the nature of aExpand
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Judging Necessity
This article probes the relationship among constitutionalism, extra-legal prerogative power, and citizen judgment. While much has been written about the nature of Lockean prerogative, and while hisExpand
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Political Judgment with a Difference: Agonistic Democracy and the Limits of "Enlarged Mentality"
This essay considers what it means to exercise good political judgment in the context of the politicization of identity. When Hannah Arendt's discussion of the "enlarged mentality" of the judgingExpand
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Giant enhancement of luminescence intensity in Er‐doped Si/SiO2 resonant cavities
Si/SiO2 Fabry–Perot microcavities with rare‐earth‐doped SiO2 active regions are realized for the first time. Cavity‐quality factors exceeding Q=300 are achieved with structures consisting of twoExpand
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Democracy and Extra-legalism
550 Author’s Note: For helpful comments and assistance, my thanks to Lida Maxwell, Deborah Baumgold, Bruno Anili, Sean Parson, Jef Huysmans, Mary Dietz, the participants of the Rule of Law UnderExpand