Leonard B Stein

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The effect of fasting on the rate of disappearance from plasma of bromsulphthalein (BSP) and dibromsulphthalein (DBSP), the hepatic content of BSP, and the concentration of ligandin and Z protein, two hepatic organic anion-binding proteins, was studied in the rat. Fasting for 48 h decreased the plasma disappearance of BSP and DBSP and the hepatic content of(More)
Fatty acids radioactivity was bound to Z protein in liver after administration of['3H]oleate to rats or to a perfused rat liver preparation. Pretreatment withflavaspidic acid (340 mumol/kg), a potent inhibitor of fatty acid binding to hepatic Zprotein in vitri, effectively reduced oleate radioactivity bound to Z by 90.2 plusor minus 4.3% and 85.0 plus or(More)
Gangrene of the stomach is a rare, often fatal disease which may be due to vascular, chemical, mechanical, or infectious etiologies. The infectious type, acute necrotizing gastritis, is thought to be a variant of phlegmonous gastritis, which has been associated with recent large intake of alcohol, "gastritis," and upper respiratory tract infections. Our(More)
A case of severe hypertension during labor after Naloxone injection is described in a patient with previous mild hypertension. The interaction of andogenous opioids and opiate antagonists, and their role in the control of blood pressure is discussed. Opiate antagonists should be given with caution to obstetric patients with mild to moderate hypertension.