Leonard A. Hermens

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Forms of all types are used in businesses and government agencies, and most of them are filled in by hand. Yet much time and effort has been expended to automate form-filling by programming specific systems on computers. The high cost of programmers and other resources prohibits many organizations from benefitting from efficient office automation. A(More)
To support the goal of allowing users to record and retrieve information, this paper describes an interactive note-taking system for pen-based computers with two distinctive features. First, it actively predicts what the user is going to write. Second, it automatically constructs a custom, button-box user interface on request. The system is an example of a(More)
| New computer science graduates are inadequately prepared to apply their abstract knowledge, and they have rarely worked in the teams required in modern business. To remedy these shortcomings and alleviate the low motivation that often accompanies the rst years of college, we proposed that a pilot group of entering freshmen should be formed into a(More)
People like to record information for later consultation. Paper is easy to use, inexpensive, and durable. To its disadvantage, paper records do not scale well. As the amount of information grows, retrieval becomes inefficient, physical storage becomes excessive, and duplication and distribution become xpensive. In contrast, digital media offers better(More)
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