Leon Vlieger

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Alternative reproductive tactics are predicted to be adopted by less competitive males when competition for fertilization is intense. Yet, in some species, competitively superior males use an alternative tactic alongside the conventional tactic. This can jeopardize their success through the conventional tactic, but surprisingly little attention has been(More)
Measuring sexual selection in changing environments is challenging, as the targets and mechanisms of selection can vary with the environment. Here, we present the results of an unusually comprehensive study of the influence of human-disturbed habitat structure on sexual selection in the threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus. We included all episodes(More)
The turnip sawfly, Athalia rosae Linnaeus, is a pest on cruciferous crops. Larvae sequester secondary plant compounds, namely glucosinolates, in their haemolymph. When attacked, their integument is easily disrupted and a droplet of haemolymph is exuded ('easy bleeding'). This has been shown to be an effective, chemical-based, defence against invertebrate(More)
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