Leon V Karabashyan

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A sensitive and convenient method of endopeptidase assay using as substrate globin modified with pyridoxal-5-phosphate was used for determination of acid proteinases in bovine hypothalamus separated by isoelectric focusing. The soluble protein fraction of hypothalamus upon elution from Sephadex gave five peaks of proteinase activity at pH 3.2. The(More)
The phospholipid and ganglioside composition in bone marrow progenitors of lymphocytes, thymocytes and mature lymphocytes of intact rats and rats with sarcoma 45 were studied. The lymphocytes and their progenitors were isolated by Ficoll-Paque density centrifugation. The phospholipids and gangliosides were separated by thin-layer chromatography following(More)
The present results demonstrate that pyridoxal, pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) and pyridoxal 5'-diphospho-5'-adenosine (PLP-AMP) inhibit Candida guilliermondii and human DNA topoisomerases I in forming an aldimine with the epsilon-amino group of an active site lysine. PLP acts as a competitive inhibitor of C.guilliermondii topoisomerase I (K(i) = 40 microM)(More)
Studies were conducted on the depolymerization of polyadenylic acid (poly (A)) by RNAse A (EC depending on the pH (pH 5-8). The results showed that depending on the pH, the ratio Vmax/Km was analogous to that described earlier for nucleoside-2', 3'-cyclophosphates and dinucleoside phosphates. This indicates that depolymerization of poly (A),(More)
The circular-dichroism and proton-magnetic-resonance spectra of complexes of ribonuclease A with dihydrouridine 3'-phosphate, 2'- and 3'-CMP, arabinosyl-3'-CMP, 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)cytosine 2'-phosphate and 1-(3-hydroxypropyl)cytosine 3'-phosphate were studied. Comparison of the results shows that non-additivity of the circular-dichroic spectrum of an(More)
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