Leon S. Sanchez

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This paper evaluates the effect of the irradiance, pH and temperature on the photosynthetic activity (PA) of Scenedesmus obtusiusculus under N-replete and N-deplete conditions through oxygen measurements. The highest PA values were 160 mgO2 gb(-1) h(-1) at 620 μmol m(-2) s(-1), 35 °C and pH of 8 under N-replete conditions and 3.3 mgO2 gb(-1) h(-1) at 100(More)
Microalgae are among the most productive biological systems for converting sunlight into chemical energy which is used to capture and transform inorganic carbon into biomass. The efficiency of CO2 capture depends on the cultivation system configuration (photobioreactors or open systems) and can vary according to the state of the algal physiology, the(More)
BACKGROUND In 1995, a Society for Academic Emergency Medicine in-service survey reported high rates of verbal and physical abuse experienced by Emergency Medicine (EM) residents. We sought to determine the prevalence of abuse and harassment 10 years later to bring attention to these issues and determine if there has been a change in the prevalence of abuse(More)
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