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This is a tutorial paper on the coordination of parallel activities It commences with an overview of multiprogrammed operating systems that uncovers an architecture consisting of cooperating, but competing processes working in parallel This is followed by a formal treatment of processes, and an analysis of the fundamental coordination needs of concomitant(More)
A design process is a highly creative undertaking that has been generally guided by personal experiences and gross rules of design. This fact has been made explicit and at present the essence of the process of design is under investigation. This important problem is receiving attention in Computer Science. In particular, disciplined program design and(More)
This paper outlines an integrated set of Fortran tools that are commercially available. The basic purpose of various tools is summarized and their economic impact highlighted. The areas addressed by these tools include: code auditing, error detection, program portability, program instrumentation, documentation, clerical aids and quality assurance.
Conventional software production efforts commence with an analysis of requirements, and proceed through design, coding and testing, with the product finally moving into an operational enviornment where subsequent maintenance and modification occurs. Moreover, various types of documentation are generated throughout these project phases. This is a gross(More)
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