Leon Marchal

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A model is presented that describes all the saccharides that are produced during the hydrolysis of starch by an alpha-amylase. Potato amylopectin, the substrate of the hydrolysis reaction, was modeled in a computer matrix. The four different subsite maps presented in literature for alpha-amylase originating from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens were used to(More)
Carbazole is a nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic compound that occurs as a widespread and mutagenic environmental pollutant. The 2'aminobiphenyl-2,3-diol 1,2-dioxygenase involved in carbazole degradation was purified to near electrophoretic homogeneity from Pseudomonas sp. LD2 by a combination of ion-exchange chromatography, ammonium sulfate precipitation,(More)
The hydrolysis of amylopectin potato starch with Bacillus licheniformis alpha-amylase (Maxamyl) was studied under industrially relevant conditions (i.e. high dry-weight concentrations). The following ranges of process conditions were chosen and investigated by means of an experimental design: pH [5.6-7.6]; calcium addition [0-120 microg/g]; temperature(More)
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