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Few tools exist that address the challenges facing researchers in the Textual Data Mining (TDM) field. Some are too specific to their application, or are prototypes not suitable for general use. More general tools often are not capable of processing large volumes of data. We have created a Textual Data Mining Infrastructure (TMI) that incorporates both(More)
In this chapter we describe several systems that detect emerging trends in textual data. Some of the systems are semi-automatic, requiring user input to begin processing, others are fully-automatic, producing output from the input corpus without guidance. For each Emerging Trend Detection (ETD) system we describe components including linguistic and(More)
Determination and early detection of emerging trends can be retrieved from numeric data as well as from texts [2]. However, the use of text collections in the process of trend detection requires new analysis techniques. Although many interesting approaches have been developed in the field of Trend Mining on texts, defined as Emerging Trend Detection in Text(More)
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