Leon M. Dorfman

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The one-electron reduction of chymotrypsin, trypsin, and their zymogens have been studied by pulse radiolysis. The optical spectra of the transient products from the two active enzymes display a pH-dependent band at 360 nm, associated with the histidine-electron adduct. The yield of the histidyl radical as a function of pH is consistent with a pK(a) less(More)
Reduction of one of the four heme groups of human aquomethemoglobin A has been investigated by the pulse radiolysis method. The reactivity of e-a-q, the hydrated electron, with methemoglobin was determined by observing this species directly. The separate reactions of the hydroxy yl radical and hydrogen atom, as well as of e-a-q, were studied by observing(More)
The kinetics of reaction of singly reduced methemoglobin (HbFe3(3+)Fe2+) with carbon monoxide have been investigated by the pulse radiolysis method. The rate constant for carbon monoxide binding to this form of hemoglobin is 4.1 X 10(6) M-1 S-1 at 24 degrees in our solutions. This value compares with existing values for various forms of hemoglobin ranging(More)
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