Leon M. Bellan

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Quality factors as high as 207 000 are demonstrated at room temperature for radio-frequency silicon nitride string resonators with cross sectional dimensions on the scale of 100 nm, made with a nonlithographic technique. A product of quality factor and surface to volume ratio greater than 6000 nm−1 is presented, the highest yet reported. Doubly clamped(More)
We demonstrate the operation of radio frequency nanoscale flexural resonators in air and liquid. Doubly clamped string, as well as singly clamped cantilever resonators, with nanoscale cross-sectional dimensions and resonant frequencies as high as 145 MHz are driven in air as well as liquid with an amplitude modulated laser. We show that this laser drive(More)
We have used the flow characteristics of an electrospinning jet to elongate and fix DNA molecules. We embedded and observed fluorescently labeled lambda bacteriophage DNA molecules in polyethylene oxide nanofibers. The embedded DNA molecules were imaged using fluorescence microscopy and found to be stretched to lengths approaching the full dyed contour(More)
We report on the structure-thermal transport property relation of individual polyethylene nanofibers fabricated by electrospinning with different deposition parameters. Measurement results show that the nanofiber thermal conductivity depends on the electric field used in the electrospinning process, with a general trend of higher thermal conductivity for(More)
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