Leon J. Sigal

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The IBM POWER6e microprocessor is a high-frequency (.5-GHz) microprocessor fabricated in the IBM 65-nm silicon-oninsulator (SOI) complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process technology. This paper describes the circuit, physical design, clocking, timing, power, and hardware characterization challenges faced in the pursuit of this industryleading(More)
A microprocessor implementing IBM S/390 architecture operates in a 10 + 2 way system at frequencies up to 411 MHz (2.43 ns). The chip is fabricated in a 0.2m Le CMOS technology with five layers of metal and tungsten local interconnect. The chip size is 17.35 mm 17.30 mm with about 7.8 million transistors. The power supply is 2.5 V and measured power(More)
The S/390@ floating-point unit (FPU) on the fourth-generation (G4) CMOS microprocessor chip has been implemented in a CMOS technology with a 0.20-pm effective channel length and has been demonstrated at more than 400 MHz. The microprocessor chip is 17.35 by 17.30 mm in size, and one copy of the FPU including the dataflow and control flow but not including(More)