Leon Heffer

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Here we characterized the relationship between duration of sensorineural hearing loss and the response of the auditory nerve to electrical stimulus rate. Electrophysiological recordings were made from undeafened guinea pigs and those ototoxically deafened for either 5 weeks or 6 months. Auditory neuron survival decreased significantly with the duration of(More)
Electrical stimulus artifact corrupting electrophysiological recordings often makes the subsequent analysis of the underlying neural response difficult. This is particularly evident when investigating short-latency neural activity in response to high-rate electrical stimulation. We developed and evaluated an off-line technique for the removal of stimulus(More)
We have previously shown that neonatal deafness of 7-13 months duration leads to loss of cochleotopy in the primary auditory cortex (AI) that can be reversed by cochlear implant use. Here we describe the effects of a similar duration of deafness and cochlear implant use on temporal processing. Specifically, we compared the temporal resolution of neurons in(More)
Neural prostheses, such as cochlear and retinal implants, induce perceptual responses by electrically stimulating sensory nerves. These devices restore sensory system function by using patterned electrical stimuli to evoke neural responses. An understanding of their function requires knowledge of the nerves responses to relevant electrical stimuli as well(More)
Neurotrophins prevent spiral ganglion neuron (SGN) degeneration in animal models of ototoxin-induced deafness and may be used in the future to improve the hearing of cochlear implant patients. It is increasingly common for patients with residual hearing to undergo cochlear implantation. However, the effect of neurotrophin treatment on acoustic hearing is(More)
We examined specific receptor/transmitter combinations used at functionally identified synapses in ascending and descending reflex pathways of guinea pig distal colon. Excitatory (EJPs) or inhibitory junction potentials (IJPs) were recorded intracellularly from nicardipine-paralyzed circular smooth muscle in either the oral or anal recording chamber of a(More)
Despite widespread use of genomic sequencing in research, there are gaps in our understanding of the performance and provision of genomic sequencing in clinical practice. The Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance (the Alliance), has been established to determine the feasibility, performance and impact of using genomic sequencing as a diagnostic tool. The(More)
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