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Passage of particulate and solute markers in the digestive tract was studied in sheep fed a roughage-pelleted diet supplemented or not with ionophore antibiotics. Methods of marker administration (continuous infusion vs pulse-dose) and mathematical treatment of data were investigated. Antibiotic supplementation did not affect markers' mean retention time(More)
Social Networking sites have grown in popularity with the number of users who utilize the medium to share aspects of their personal lives increasing yearly. Security issues have been of concern to users, site designers, as well as Security specialists who must find ways to defend corporate networks from malicious attacks initiated from these sites. Social(More)
Six adult sheep were fed at maintenance level, successively over three experimental periods, 1100 g of a roughage-rich diet without supplement or containing 33 mg kg-1 of lasalocid or cationomycin. The feed was administered in eight equal meals daily, every three hours. Blood samples were taken in each animal from the jugular vein at 10.00 hours, 16.00 and(More)
We investigated the capacity of a new ionophore antibiotic, abierixin, to modify fermentations in the rumen using a semi-continuous fermenter (Rusitec). As in the studies carried out on a "batch" fermenter (HILLAIRE et al., 1989a), abierixin failed to alter volatile fatty acids and gas productions but, in contrast, it limited the degradation of dietary(More)
An in vitro study on a "batch" type fermentation system was carried out in order to evaluate the effect of different doses of a new ionophore antibiotic, abierixin, on the rumen fermentation parameters. The reaction of microorganisms to the antibiotic were determined according to the nature of the nitrogen introduced into the fermenter: ammonium sulfate(More)
Two adult sheep, A and B, received successively during three experimental periods a forage-based pelleted feed, then the same diet supplemented with 33 mg/kg of lasalocid (L) or cationomycin (C). The feed was given in either eight (sheep A) or two (sheep B) daily meals. After four weeks of adaptation, 11 blood samples were taken through catheters in the(More)
The water channels, aquaporins (AQPs) are key mediators of transcellular fluid transport. However, their expression and role in cardiac tissue is poorly characterized. Particularly, AQP1was suggested to transport other molecules (nitric oxide (NO), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)) with potential major bearing on cardiovascular physiology. We therefore examined the(More)
The influence of adding a fibre rich concentrate feed (wheat bran or beet pulp) to a hay-based diet (orchard grass-lucerne mixture; 50/50) upon the rate of passage of digesta of these two fractions (hay and concentrate) was measured in three groups of 8 adult doe rabbits (White New Zealand x California). The three diets composed of either 90% hay, or hay +(More)
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