Leon G. Stucki

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The measurement process plays a vital role in the quality assurance and testing of new hardware systems. To insure the reliability of the final hardware system, each stage of development incorporates performance standards and testing procedures. The establishment of software performance criteria has been very nebulous. At first the desire to "just get it(More)
In 1974, the major leverage point in the software process is at the software design and structuring stage. This stage begins with a statement of software requirements. Properly done, the software design and structuring process can identify the weak spots and mismatches in the requirements statement which are the main sources of unresponsiveness of delivered(More)
The term software engineering currently ranks high on the list of today's popular buzz words. Yet we still don't agree on its definition and often overlook many pragmatics associated with its use. A software engineering community is emerging which is devoting a great deal of attention to various “systematic” programming methodologies and(More)
The online public access catalog consists essentially of a machine-readable database with network capabilities. Like other computer-based information systems, it may be continuously enhanced by the addition of new capabilities and databases. It may also become a gateway to other information networks. This paper reports the evolution of the Bibliographic(More)
The literature abounds now with many guidelines on current programming methodology. Today's software artisan is, however, often commissioned with more tasks to perform in a finite amount of time than can be accomplished using strictly manual techniques. Therefore, a knowledge of currently available automated programming tools is of key concern to today's(More)
In recent years, a number of new and innovative techniques have been developed for the verification and validation of software. The panel was chosen with representatives of both users and contributors to the technology. The panelists Dr. Carlo Broglio and Marilyn Fujii are actively engaged in the V&V of systems soon to be operational. Dr. Leon Stucki(More)
INTRODUCTIO N Victor Basili, University of Marylan d The First ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Symposium was held in Pingree Park, Colorado, on June 9-11, 1981 . The theme fo r the symposium was tool and methodology evaluation . Bill Riddle was general chairperson and I was program chairman . The Program Committee consisted of Les Belady, Carl Davis, Susan(More)