Leon G. Stucki

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The literature abounds now with many guidelines on current programming methodology. Today's software artisan is, however, often commissioned with more tasks to perform in a finite amount of time than can be accomplished using strictly manual techniques. Therefore, a knowledge of currently available automated programming tools is of key concern to today's(More)
The term software engineering currently ranks high on the list of today's popular buzz words. Yet we still don't agree on its definition and often overlook many pragmatics associated with its use. A software engineering community is emerging which is devoting a great deal of attention to various “systematic” programming methodologies and(More)
In attempting to forecast the future trends in software engineering, a very dynamic future appears to be in store. Validation and verification are rapidly becoming recognized as an integral part of the total software life cycle. Validation and verification are no longer being viewed as new names for testing. A modern view of validation and verification(More)
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