Leon E. Winslow

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Can we turn novices into experts in a four year undergraduate program? If so, how? If not, what is the best we can do? While every teacher has his/her own opinion on these questions, psychological studies over the last twenty years have started to furnish scientific answers. Unfortunately, little of these results have been incorporated into curricula or(More)
A classification method for parallel sorting architectures is presented for comparison of existing designs. Some common drawbacks of these parallel sorters are noted: in general, they are limited by their data accessing mechanism, their hardware utilization is low, and their sorting speed is in some sense independent of the number of sorting elements used(More)
As the use of Ada in commercial programming increases, it becomes more important to make an attempt to introduce it into the curriculum as early as possible. We have taught CS1 successfully using Ada by strictly concentrating on a subset of the language and through the use of a student-oriented package which enables students to begin writing programs in Ada(More)
Maintaining access efficiency to a data base as updates and/or usage patterns change often requires restructuring the data base. While analytical methods are available for determining the optimal point to restructure, they assume the mean access cost is a smooth function of time or the number of accesses and can be measured exactly at any point in time. The(More)
A unified approach for analyzing and classifying parallel sorting machines is discussed. The approach accounts for a number of important factors that have significant impacts on the measure of the size and complexities of parallel sorters. These factors include the sorter architectures, sequential/parallel input, single/multiple passes, and the base of the(More)
Although no standard software engineering (SE) curriculum exists, currently a few schools are offering SE degrees and many more are offering courses that include some of the concepts and techniques of SE. The Software Engineering Institute recently started developing a standard SE curriculum. At this point in time they have identified nine content areas:(More)
The recently proposed curricula for a master's degree present problems for a department with limited resources. This paper discusses the proposed curricula, their goals and problems, and then presents a new curriculum based upon a set of core courses. The new curriculum simultaneously satisfies two of the proposed curricula, yet imposes lower demands upon(More)
While commercial CASE tools have developed extensions to the Ftite State Machine that can model any computable ftmction snd/or any parallel system, there has been no simple hand method with equivalent capabilities suitable for student use. ‘Ilk paper presents a simple object-oriented extension to Fhtite State Machines with the power of a Turing machine and(More)
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