Leon E. Farhi

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We have developed a rebreathing technique for measuring cardiac output in resting or exercising subjects. The data needed are the subject's CO2 dissociation curve, the initial volume and CO2 fraction of the rebreathing bag, and a record of CO2 at the mouth during the maneuver. From these one can obtain all the values required to solve the Fick equation. The(More)
Cardiac output (Q), heart rate (HR), blood pressure, and oxygen consumption (VO2) were measured repeatedly both at rest and at two levels of exercise in six subjects during microgravity exposure. Exercise was at 30 and 60% of the workload producing the individual's maximal VO2 in 1 G. Three of the subjects were on a 9-day flight, Spacelab Life Sciences-1,(More)
There is ample evidence that posture affects many cardiorespiratory variables, but the extent to which secondary reflex mechanisms complement or oppose the primary gravity effect is not clear. We have addressed ourselves to this problem by studying five normal volunteers, passively tilted from the supine to the upright position in 15 degrees increments, in(More)
Six normal male volunteers, aged 25 to 34, suspended vertically in a harness that allowed them to completely relax their postural muscles, were studied in four randomly ordered conditions, namely in air at 28 degrees C, and immersed in water at 35 degrees C to the level of the hips, the xiphoid, or the chin. In each situation, several variables were(More)