Leon Danaila

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The present paper reports on 13 cases of medulloblastoma with supratentorial dissemination. With reference of these cases the authors discuss the pathogenetic probabilities of the dissemination of brain tumors, their evidence and treatment, emphasizing the importance of cerebral scintigraphy formed periodically in all patients previously operated of(More)
AIM This cytohistopathological study was performed for a better knowledge of phenotypes derived from pluripotent stem cells, as well as for precise location of stem cells within the vascular niche in the brain. METHODS We used light and transmission electron microscopy to demonstrate the presence of stem cells in the vascular wall of microvessels in the(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Angiocentric glioma (AG) is a recently described tumor of the brain which was included as a distinct entity in the 2007 WHO classification. To date only 26 cases have been reported in the literature. We describe two additional cases of this possibly confusing lesion of the brain. Emphasis is put on variations in the(More)
Four cases of cerebral dermoid tumour with an intraventricular, occipital and sellar location are reported, representing 0.04% of the verified cerebral tumours in the authors' statistics. A recurrence occurred after one year in the first case of intraventricular dermoid tumour; after the second operation aseptic meningitis developed and the patient died. In(More)
The authors describe the case of a 37-year-old patient, who, after a minor craniocerebral trauma suffered in 1970, was admitted to hospital because of progressive headache, unsteady gait and balance disturbances, deglutition disorders and diplopia. Computed tomography (CT) scan showed a large median hyperdense tumour of posterior fossa with the fourth(More)
This paper is devoted to the study of anaemia in patients with hypophyseal tumours. Anaemia with a red blood cell count of 2.4 million/mm3 to 3.9 million/mm3 was found in 60 of 280 patients (21.7%) with hypophyseal tumours; 52 of the 60 patients were operated on. Similar changes were observed in 25 of 60 cases (41.7%) of craniopharyngioma. Apart from(More)
BACKGROUND The lateral ventricles are located in the center of the brain. Each ventricle lies in contact with five critical neural structures: the caudate nucleus, the thalamus, the fornix, the corpus callosum, and the genu of internal capsule.The authors report their experience in primary tumors of the lateral ventricles of the brain by analysing the(More)
The present study is aimed to provide a new possible approach to the treatment of glioblastomas, in an effort to control the extremely severe evolution of these tumors. Thus, from May 28, 1991, we started the administration of IL-2 (produced at the "Victor Babeş" Institute, Bucharest) in 9 glioblastoma patients (operated on at the Neurosurgery department(More)
Paragangliomas arise from the extraadrenal neuroendocrine system. They are locally aggressive tumors, causing adjacent invasion, bone destruction and compression related symptoms. We present a 35-years-old woman with a peculiar paraganglioma lacking all these features, and strictly located within the jugular vein. Differential diagnosis is detailed since(More)