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The present work is a detailed analysis of 12 cases of spinal dermoid tumours operated on between 1935 and 1976. Of these 11 were medullary (3 intramedullary and 8 subdural extramedullary), representing an incidence of 0-80% of medullary tumours, and 1 was an extraspinal coccygeal tumour. Most of the tumours were located in the spinal canal and conus. Good(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Angiocentric glioma (AG) is a recently described tumor of the brain which was included as a distinct entity in the 2007 WHO classification. To date only 26 cases have been reported in the literature. We describe two additional cases of this possibly confusing lesion of the brain. Emphasis is put on variations in the(More)
Light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy were used to investigate surgical cases in a variety of pathological conditions (thromboses, tumors, cerebrovascular malformations, Moyamoya disease) to identify and characterize different phenotypes belonging to a new interstitial cell recently described ultrastructurally in the brain and here named(More)
This study is based on data analysis by light and transmission electron microscopy of the surgical cases in cerebral tumors, cerebrovascular malformations, thromboses in the carotid system, and other injuries such as perivascular hemorrhage. We examined cortical arteries and veins, perivascular areas with old hematic masses, vasculogenic foci, and broken(More)
The authors discuss 5 cases of verified intracranial teratomas and comment on their symptomatology, frequency, and on the current terminology. Die Verfasser berichten über fünf Fälle von intrakraniellen, mikroskopisch bestätigten Teratomen und besprechen die Symptomatologie, Häufigkeit und Nomenklatur dieser Tumoren. Les auteurs discutent 5 cas de tératomes(More)
The present paper reports on 13 cases of medulloblastoma with supratentorial dissemination. With reference of these cases the authors discuss the pathogenetic probabilities of the dissemination of brain tumors, their evidence and treatment, emphasizing the importance of cerebral scintigraphy formed periodically in all patients previously operated of(More)