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Local surface interpolation with Bézier patches
A surface interpolation method for meshes of cubic curves is described using Farin's conditions of G^1 continuity between patches. Expand
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Local surface interpolation with Bézier patches: errata and improvements
This brief report corrects errors in the triangular patch subdivision scheme described in [Shirman & Sequin '87]. Expand
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The Cone of Normals Technique for Fast Processing of Curved Patches
The cone of normals technique for curved surface patches allows to perform various quick tests at the patch level such as front‐ or backfacing test, light influence test, and existence of silhouette edges test. Expand
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Procedural interpolation with geometrically continuous cubic splines
A local interpolation method for curves in R2 or R3 offering G1 continuity is described. Expand
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Local surface interpolation with shape parameters between adjoining Gregory patches
A surface interpolation method with local control for meshes of cubic curves is described. Expand
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Construction of Smooth Curves and Surfaces from Polyhedral Models
This work is devoted to the problem of constructing geometrically continuous interpolating curves and surfaces through a given set of points. Geometric continuity is a relaxed measure of parametricExpand
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The scaling behavior of viewing transformations
Using formal analysis of parallel and perspective viewing transformation behavior, closed-form form expressions are obtained for immediate evaluation of maximum, minimum, and average scales at a given point in space. Expand
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Procedural interpolation with curvature-continuous cubic splines
A local G2 curve interpolation method in R 2 with free choice of tangent direction, two derivatives, and curvature at each interpolation point. Expand
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Procedural Construction of Patch-Boundary Curves
A process for creating boundary curves for adjoining surface patches is described which results in a smooth interpolating surface. Expand
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Symmetric Interpolation of Triangular and Quadrilateral Patches
In her Master''s Project, Lucia Longhi [Longhi ''85] has implemented an exploratory program, called uci, for interpolating triangular Gregory patches between cubic boundaries. This work is aExpand