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A recent MIS Quarterly article rightfully points out that service is an important part of the role of the information systems (IS) department and that most IS assessment measures have a product orientation (Pitt et al. 1995). The article went on to suggest the use of an /S-context-modified version of the SERVQUAL instrument to assess the quality of the(More)
The postmortem examination of failed IT projects reveals that long before the failure there were significant symptoms or " early warning signs. " This article describes the top 12 people-related and project-related IT project risks, based on " early warning sign " data collected from a panel of 19 experts and a survey of 55 IT project managers. HE MASTERY(More)
Consistent with the conceptualizations of participation and involvement in psychology, organizational behavior, consumer behavior, and other disciplines, this paper redefines the participation construct to distinguish its. behavioral and psychological dimensions. "User participation" is defined as the observable behavior of information system users in the(More)
User involvement is a need-based motivational attitude toward information systems and their development. As such, it has important implications for the successful creation and deployment of information systems in organizations. This paper reports on the development and validation of an instrument to determine if the distinction between a user's involvement(More)
Previous playfulness research has investigated playfulness as both state and trait phenomena. For example, Webster et al. (1993) examined flow, the state of playfulness in a specific human-computer interaction, while Martocchio and Webster (1992) used a trait-based approach, considering playfulness a characteristic of individuals. This research extends the(More)
The 1980s bore witness to many changes in the use of organizational computing. One of the most striking of these changes was the rise of the phenomenon that has come to be known as end-user computing (EUC). Early writers, such as Lucas [19] and McLean [20], suggested that EUC might be the solution for some of the key information system (IS) management(More)
H ow much will the Y2K computer-date problem cost to fix? Almost all Y2K projects require a cost estimate before actual repairs can proceed. Most cost estimates for Y2K repairs are based on rules of thumb involving some size measure, like lines of code, number of function points, and dollars of annual IS spending. These generic estimation approaches are(More)