Leocarlos B. S. Lima

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The patterns of parasite sharing among hosts have important implications for ecosystem structure and functioning, and are influenced by several ecological and evolutionary factors associated with both hosts and parasites. Here we evaluated the influence of fish diet and phylogenetic relatedness on the pattern of infection by parasites with contrasting life(More)
We present a new method to obtain cyclic subcodes of algebraic geometric codes using their automorphisms. Automorphisms of algebraic geometric codes from F. K. Schmidt curves are proposed. We present an application of this method in designing frequency hopping sequences for spread spectrum systems. Algebraic geometric codes can provide sequences longer(More)
Stochastic approaches have become increasingly common in robotics. Techniques that consider the uncertainties of sensors and models are being adopted in various applications. In this context, state estimation techniques play an important role, since they deal directly with these uncertainties, making systems more reliable. This paper aims to survey the(More)
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