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How genetic and environmental factors interact in Parkinson disease is poorly understood. We have now compared the patterns of vulnerability and rescue of Caenorhabditis elegans with genetic modifications of three different genetic factors implicated in Parkinson disease (PD). We observed that expressing alpha-synuclein, deleting parkin (K08E3.7), or(More)
Any methodology for the design of a complex system needs a basis for specification and verification. This is particularly so for real-time systems since safety and reliability ate extremely important for these systems. As a first step, we provide au operational semantics for the language RT-CDL (Real Time Common Design Language) employing Plotkin's labeled(More)
Due to random impurity fluctuations, the device-to-device variability is a serious challenge to emerging nanoelectronics. In this work we present a theoretical formalism and its numerical realization to predict quantum-transport variability from atomistic first principles. Our approach is named the non-equilibrium coherent-potential approximation (NECPA)(More)
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